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Vidya Poshak - Key Highlights 2016

      Nurture Merit Program  This program includes Financial Assistance, Library/Book Bank facilities and Residential Bridge Camp. The mission is to provide financial assistance to meritorious students who cannot afford to continue their higher education owing to their financial difficulties. To-date Vidya Poshak has invested more than INR 300 million on this. Key Highlights (April 2016 - Oct 2016) ·    During the year nearly 4200 applications were received for financial assistance. After Home visits, we found 474 new students were eligible for financial assistance. Out of the 474 new students 338 were assisted under Nurture merit scheme and 136 students were supported under Matching grant program.  ·    During the year all together 1500 Meritorious and financial challenged students were financially assisted with a sum of INR 75 Lakh to pursue their higher education (Till date).  ·    60% of the total student beneficiaries were girls this year  ·    More