Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Bank Preparation 247

31. 2 metres broad pathway is to be constructed around a rectangular plot on the inside. The area
of the plot is 96 sq. m. The rate of construction is Rs.50 per square metre. Find the total cost
of the construction.
a) Rs.2400 b) Rs.4000 c) Rs.4800 d) Data inadequate e) None of these

32. A sphere of 30 cm radius is dropped into a cylindrical vessel of 80 cmj diameter, which is
partly filled width water, then its level rises by x cm. Find x:
a) 27.5 cm b) 22.5 cm c) 18.5 cm d) Data inadequate e) None of these

33. Altitude and base of a right angle triangle are (x + 2) and (2x + 3) (in cm). If the area of the
triangle be 60 , the length of the hypotenuse is :
a) 21 cm b) 13 cm c) 17 cm d) 15 cm e) None of these

34. A rectangular lawn 60 m × 40 m has two road each 5 m wide running in the middle of it, one
parallel to length and the other parallel to breadth. The cost of graveling the roads at 80 paise
per sq. m is :
a) Rs.380 b) Rs.385 c) Rs.400 d) Data Inadequate e) None of these

35. What is the ratio of the area of larger square shaped plot to the area of the smaller square
shaped plot?
a) 17 : 1 b) 25 : 9 c) 16 : 1 d) Data inadequate e) None of these

36. The angle between the minute hand and the hour hand of a clock when the time is 8.30, is :
a) 80° b) 75° c) 60° d) 105° e) None of these