Saturday, September 3, 2016

Bank Preparation 244

91. Rohit invested some amount at the rate of 6 pcpa and at the end of 3 years he got Rs.8730
simple interest. How much compound interest he will get on same amount and same rate of
interest after 2 years?
a) Rs.5820 b) Rs.5949.60 c) Rs.5900 d) Rs.5994.60 e) None of these

92. Car A runs at the speed of 65 km/h and reaches its destination in 8 h. What is the respective
ratio of distances covered by Car A and Car B?
a) 11:7 b) 7:13 c) 13:7 d) 7:11 e) None of these

93. The ratio of students in school A, B and C is 5:4:7 respectively. If number of students in
schools are increased by 20%, 25% and 20% respectively then what will be the ratio of
students in school A, B and C respectively?
a) 5:5:7 b) 30:25:42 c) 30:20:49 d) Can’t be determined e) None of these

94. In a class, the average height of 35 girls was measured 160 cm. Later on, it was discovered
that the height of one of the girl was misread as 144 cm, while her actual height was 104 cm.
What was the actual average height of girls in the class? (rounded off to two digits after
a) 159.86 cm b) 158.54 cm c) 159.56 cm d) 158.74 cm e) None of these