Friday, September 2, 2016

Bank Preparation 243

86. A man crosses a stationary train in 12 min. The same train crosses a man in 54 s. What was
the respective ratio between the speed of the train and the man?
a) 40:7 b) 400:3 c) 40:3 d) Can’t be determined e) None of these

87. If a number is subtracted by 2/3rd of 75% of 600, the value so obtained is 320. What is the
a) 300 b) 620 c) 720 d) 500 e) None of these

88. The ratio between the angles of a quadrilateral is 7:2:5:6 respectively. What is the sum of
double the smallest angle and half the largest angle to the quadrilateral?
a) 162˚ b) 198˚ c) 99˚ d) 135˚ e) None of these

89. 3 men can complete a piece of work in 6 days. 5 women can complete the same work in 18
days. In how many days will 4 men and 10 women together complete the same work?
a) 3 days b) 5 days c) 2 days d) 4 days e) None of these

90. The sum of five consecutive numbers is 270. What is the sum of the second and the fifth
a) 108 b) 107 c) 110 d) Can’t be determined e) None of these