Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Bank Preparation 222

28. Neelam, who is Rohit’s daughter, says to Indu, your mother Reeta is the younger sister of my
father, who is third child of Sohanji. How is Sohanji related to Indu?

a) Maternal Uncle b) Father c) Grandfather d) Father-in-law e) None of these

29. If ‘A × D’ means ‘A is sister of D’, ‘A + D’ means ‘D is the daughter of A’ and ‘A ÷ D’
means ‘A is the mother of D’, then how will ‘N is the aunt of M’ be denoted?

a) M + L × N
b) M ÷ L + N
c) L × N ÷ M
d) N × L ÷ M
e) None of these

30. What will be the measurement of the angle made by the hands of a clock when the time is 8 :
35 ?

a) 32.4˚ b) 37.5˚ c) 45˚ d) 47.5˚ e) None of these

31. If 1st January 2001 was Monday, then what day of the week was it on 31st December, 2001?

a) Wednesday b) Friday c) Monday d) Saturday e) None of these

32. A direction pole was situated on the road crossing. Due to an accident, the pole turned in such
a manner that the pointer which was showing East, started showing South. Sita, a traveller
went to the wrong direction thinking it to be West. In what direction actually she was

a) North b) West c) East d) South e) None of these

33. 5 friends are sitting on a bench. A is to the left of B but on the right of C. D is to the right of B
but on the left of E. Who are at the extremes?
a) A, B b) A, D c) B, D d) C, E e) None of these