Thursday, July 28, 2016

Bank Preparation 210

51. What is the total amount earned by Store C through the sale of M and O type products
a) Rs.2719.2 Lakh
b) Rs.271.92 Lakh
c) Rs.2.7192 Lakh
d) Rs.27.192 Lakh
e) None of these

52. Number of L type product sold by Store F is what percent of the number same type of
products sold by Store E?
a) 76.33 b) 124 c) 83.33 d) 115 e) None of these

53. What is the difference in the amount earned by Store A through the sale of P type products
and that earned by Store B through the sale of Q type products?
a) Rs.38.4 Lakh b) Rs.0.384 Lakh c) Rs.3.84 Lakh d) Rs.384 Lakh e) None of these

54. What is the respective ratio of total number of N and L type products together sold by Store D
and the same products sold by Store A?
a) 119 : 104 b) 102 : 115 c) 104 : 115 d) 117 : 103 e) None of these

55. What is the average price per product charged by all the Stores together for product Q?
a) Rs.14700 b) Rs.15700 c) Rs.15200 d) Rs.14800 e) None of these