Thursday, June 23, 2016

Bank Preparation 175

45. The priest told the devotees, ‘the bell is rung at regular intervals of 45 min. The last bell was
rung 5 min. ago. The next bell is due to be rung at 7:45 am. At what time did the priest give
the information to be devotees?
a) 6:55 am b) 7:00 am c) 7:05 am d) 7:40 am e) None of these

46. If day before yesterday was Saturday, then what day of the week will it be on day after
a) Friday b) Thursday c) Wednesday d) Tuesday e) None of these

47. A man goes towards East 5 km, then he takes a turn to South-West and goes 5 km. He again
takes a turn towards North-West and goes 5 km with respect to the point from where he
started, where is he now?
a) At the starting point
b) In the west
c) In the East
d) In the North East
e) None of these