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Avanti aims to create a level playing field for admissions to the country’s top colleges by delivering high quality, affordable college education to millions of students across the country. In the simplest of terms, Avanti Learning Centres seeks to revolutionize affordable education in India.
At Avanti, we work to address two major areas of disarray –
The lack of quality teaching in government and low-cost schools and colleges
The lack of access to significant test preparation outside of major urban centres
Here, we create an alternate model that combines technology and knowledge to deliver through the process of collaborative learning. Students think more, practice more, learn more. Over the past years, our methodology has helped show that our students outperform even the most expensive after-school programs in the country at less than one-third the cost!
Established in March 2010, Avanti is an award-winning social enterprise by IIT alumni offering high-quality education to students aspiring to study at India’s top colleges. At Avanti, we use technology, video content and detailed instructional design to enable teachers to deliver high quality lessons even in the most remote corners of the nation.
Avanti’s work is helping create a major shift in how students learn. Our ‘Peer Instruction’ teaching methods inculcates collaborative learning. This is done in two ways – firstly, classroom sessions replace conventional lectures to get students to work together on problem sets and clarify doubts by interacting with subject experts. Recorded content and reading other material on the hand are consumed at home. Operating in twenty cities and counting, Avanti seeks to change the basics of education one step at a time.
Since 2013, we have grown from a small batch of hundred odd students to close to 3000 registrations across all our learning centres.
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