Monday, May 23, 2016

Bank Preparation 144

4. The LCM of two numbers is 495 and their HCF is 5. If the sum of the numbers is 10, then
their difference is
a) 10 b) 46 c) 70
d) 90 e) None of these

5. A child has three different kinds of chocolates costing Rs.2, Rs.5 and Rs.10. He spends total
Rs.120 on the chocolates. What is the minimum possible number of chocolates, he can buy, if
there must be atleast one chocolate of each kind?
a) 22 b) 19 c) 17
d) 15 e) None of these

6. A, B, C rent a pasture. A puts 10 oxen for 7 months, B puts 12 oxen for 5 months and C puts
15 oxen for 3 months for grazing. If the rent of the pasture is Rs. 175, how much must C pay
as his share of rent?
a) Rs.45 b) Rs.50 c) Rs.55
d) Rs.60 e) None of these