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Vidya Poshak - Updates Skill Training Programs

In 2015 camp team completed 16 Skill Training Camps covering 1112 students. We conducted the 9 soft skills training camps for PUC Ist year, rest all 7 camps are Theme based for Degree I,II & III students. We completed the 144 camps and trained the 7581 students since beginning of RBC in 2007. We found new venues Koodala(Haveri), Yaranal(Belagavi), Hukkeri( Belagavi),Hukkeri Math(Haveri),Bharatesh Education Trust, Belagavi We Thank all our Volunteers & Donors for providing free food & venues for RB Camps @ Shringeri Shankar Math Siddapur, Nidasosi, Bangaramakki, Tippayikoppa, Belagavi and Horanadu etc. HighLights The students who attended camp for the first time learnt to mix with relative strangers and to adjust quickly. The students prepared for the “Student Seminars” throughout the whole week and all did an amazing job presenting.   Details of seminars: Students prepared and presented on world leaders/personalities. 11-12 students in each group

VP - Supportive Classes Updates

In 2015 Vidya Poshak conducted supportive classes with the support from Tata Motors Ltd.  The Supportive Classes training program were conducted for 8 th ,9 th and 10 th class students in Mummigatti rural high school.  From July 2015 we started supportive classes for 8 th ,9 th and 10 th class students in Govt. High School Mummigatti.  T otally 192 students got benefit through our Supportive training classes.   61 students from 10 th standard, 55 students from 9 th standard and 74 students from 8 th standard.  The Coaching classes were conducted by the experts in the academic subjects Science, Mathematics and English.  Four highly experienced and expert teachers are helping us in the coaching. They are experts in English, Maths and Science. B y December 2015, we are reaching the end of our coaching for the academic year 2015-16.  We thank TATA MOTORS Dharwad for taking the initiative for the benefit of the Students.

VP - TML Value Education Training Report

                     VP - TML Value Education Training Report   Vidya Poshak is conducting value education and life skills training for the class 8 & 9 students of rural areas like Narendra ,and Kurabagatti with help of   “ TATA MOTORS”  Totally there are 150 students getting benefit of this program in Kurabagatti and Narendra. The sessions were based on General motivation, Confidence Building , Attitude, Communication skills, Presentation skills ,Time management ,   Ethics and values, Contributive Citizen, Study skills, Memory Teqniques ,Career Guidance, etc. T his helps to student to become confident in their life, and it helps to choose a  good career path.

Avanti – Vidya Poshak IIT / JEE training program - Updates

The program: Avanti Learning Centers, an award-winning social enterprise set up by IIT Bombay graduates, has partnered with Vidya Poshak to select about 45 bright students from north Karnataka and provide them free training in Class XI and XII for the IIT-JEE. The program will be conducted using technology to bring the expert tutors sessions to Vidya Poshak students as well as peer learning techniques that enable a class to move forward using multitude of skills of students. Profile of students: Every year Vidya Poshak gets more than 1500 applications for scholarship from 10 th grade passed students. In these, at least 40 % have scored more than 90%. These bright kids might aspire to go to premier institutions such as IIT, NIT, IISc etc. but are unable due to lack of guidance and coaching. Vidya Poshak wanted to help such bright but economically challenged students to aim for and get into premier institutions. In the current 2015-17 batch we have a total of 35 students with 10