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Updates - Vidya Poshak's Employment Readiness Program

Background  Vidya Poshak supports thousands of students to attain their dream of graduation. All the students that VP supports are from a rural background and are financially challenged. Due to their education in rural colleges they lack the skills which will make them employable in service sector. As a step in this direction, we have launched a program to help the graduating students to gain skills that would make them employable.    ERP Vidya Poshak has launched Employment Readiness Program (ERP) to help the final year graduating students to gain skills that would make them employable.  The program was launched with a target of 422 non-professional course students who will complete their graduation in June - 2014. Refer: Methodoloy of Training & Calender of Events here Overall 408 graduates attended the training program during the month of July & Aug 2013. Following are the results after the one to one discussion & individual counseling with the students.