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Vidya Poshak - Activities Report 2013-14 / Plans 2014-15

Vidya Poshak – Overall Updates 2013-14 Dear  Well wishers , 2013-14 was an eventful year for Vidya Poshak. We are very pleased to give you the yearly updates. Following are the highlights. In 2013 Vidya Poshak is the winner of prestigious eNGO award for South Asia for Organizational efficiency the 260+ contestants.   Our Employment readiness camps making a big impact among the general degree students, already more than 35 of our final year students have been placed in Infosys, Wipro, TCS etc. More than 25 students have cleared their CPT & IPCC exams during the year 2013-14  Highlights of Vidya Poshak Program 2013-14 S.No Vidya Poshak Actvities No of Students Amount in Lakhs 1 Financial Assistance 2315 145.00 2 Library Services 15,000 15.00 3 Bridge Training

Draft Proposals of Vidya Poshak - April 2014

Greetings, Following are the url links for proposals (draft) about all our different activities. Feel free to use the suitable ones whenever you are meeting any potential donor. You might have to do minor modifications in the proposals like adding the name & date. Any queries about the budget or cost please be in touch with me. Please let me know if there is any change required in any of the note.  LINK TO THE FOLDER:  Vidya Poshak - Proposal Templates 2014-15 1. Vidya Poshak Overview  2. VP Updates 2013-14 & Budget Plan 2014-15 3. VP - Appeal - To Individuals for donation 4. Nurture Merit Proposal - For Institutions 5. Proposal for Library Services 6. Write-up about Bridge Camps 7. Proposal for 9 days RBC Camp 8. Proposal for setting up Rural Book Bank center 9. Proposal for Employment Readiness Program 10. Yuva Poshak - Concept Note 11. Appeal for Used Mobiles 12. Education Loan Bridge Funding 13. Cloud Career Counseling Cen