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An APPEAL for Educating Young India

Dear Philanthropists Vidya Poshak, India is a registered Non Government Organization (NGO), serving education community. The organization was started by a group of compassionate people in the year 2001 at Dharwad, Karnataka with the aim of supporting financially challenged bright students. More details at Students belonging to economically disadvantaged families end up severely limiting their educational and career horizons due to lack of financial resources, proper educational guidance, and skills required to succeed.  Only 13% of the eligible youth in the age group of 18-23 are entering into higher education. The major reason is economic challenge. More than 27.5% of Indian population is below poverty line, for whom higher education is only a dream in spite of many having a very high potential. Thousands of students do not go to next level of literacy, do not get employment in spite of being bright and can do well with right interventions and support.

Vidya Poshak Achievers - 2013-14