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Vidya Poshak's Employment Readiness Camp Report

Background:   Vidya Poshak has supported thousands of students to attain their dream of graduation. Most if not all the students that VP supports are from a rural background or are financially challenged. They do not have skills that would make them employable. As a step in this direction, we have launched a program to help the graduating students to gain skills that would make them employable.   The program was launched with a target of 408 non-professional course students who will complete their graduation in 2014. Activities so far: VP planned and launched a series of 7 day residential camps to reach our final year students. Before that, we came up with a survey form that collected data from the students. This form was administered to a sample set of final year students based in Dharwad by the three senior personnel of Vidya Poshak viz Prof. Tikot, Venkatesan N and Girish Naganur. This sample of approximately 30 students gave us the idea to optimize the form. We the

Vidya Poshak - Achievers 2013

Greetings from Vidya Poshak Student Name: Santosh Talvar   VP ID No: BK-533-09-10 Academic %:   80.97 Class& Stream:    BBA-II    Secured 1st Rank to his College. Raju H Haggada    BJ-343-09-10 Academic %: 69 Class& Stream:                      Selected as a Village Accountant by Govt. of Karnataka. Student Name: Kamappa B   VP ID No: BJ-270-08-09 Academic %:   82 Class& Stream:   BA-III Selected in Indian Air f