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Vidya Poshak - Education Loan Awareness & Advocacy Program

Vidya Poshak’s  Education Loan Awareness and Advocacy Program (ELAAP) Final Progress Report E xecutive Summary In September 2012, Vidya Poshak set out to create awareness about education loans within the student community in order to enable all deserving students to pursue their dream education after 12 th grade. The ELAAP project was executed in three phases. The fourth phase is an on-going activity that will continue beyond the project end date of 31 st Aug 2013. Phase One : First one was to create awareness about the IBA Model Education Loan Scheme amongst students in our area of operations. We reached out to over 10,000 students during this phase. Phase Two : The second phase was the counselling phase to guide the students who were applying for a professional course and needed help to understand the loan scheme. We reached 1638 students seeking admission to Professional Education at 6 out of 12 centres where such admissions were taking place.  Phase Three: Th