Vidya Poshak an Overview

Vidya Poshak, India is a registered Non Government Organization (NGO), serving education community. The organization was started by a group of compassionate people in the year 2001 at Dharwad with the aim of supporting financially challenged bright students.

Though Vidya Poshak started with the aim of supporting the students financially, many other programs evolved during the journey. Some of the major projects are Nurture Merit, Graduate Finishing School, Centre for Development of Soft Skills and School Leadership Development Program.

Nurture Merit Program: This program includes Financial Assistance, Library/Book Bank facilities and Residential Bridge Camp. The mission is to provide financial assistance to meritorious students who cannot afford to continue their higher education owing to their financial difficulties. To date VP has invested Rs.12+ crores on this. The program entirely depends on private org/Co and individuals. Six hundred volunteers across 23 districts are rendering their passionate services and totally free.

1.   Financial Assistance: Financial assistance to continue education post 10th grade, which will cover college fees, exam fees and transportation. Along with this additional amount for coaching is given. In some extreme situations additional assistance is extended to cover accommodation and boarding. The identification of students is done by physical visits to students dwelling units to assess the need to ensure only deserving applicant received the assistance.

More than 700 volunteers spread across the state identify the deserving students. This is a unique feature of Vidya Poshak. The organization has so far disbursed more than INR 131.00 million towards financial assistance.  More than 12,600 students have been assisted in over 19 districts of Karnataka and five districts of Maharashtra. The progress of each student is closely monitored throughout the support period. Resources for all these programs are generated through individual donors and private organizations who share the social concern.

2.       Books & Library Services: Free Text books are lent to all the students through libraries and book bank centers. Student will get academic text books on their demand to read for 1-year and then the same books are put in circulation. One Central Library, 5 branches and 57 rural Book Bank centers (all run by volunteers) are catering to the students. So far more than 68,000 books have been given to 20,000 students under this program.

3.    Residential Bridge Camps (RBC): The RBCs aim at bringing positive change in the Personality, Career and Skills of the students in 9 days of residential camps. Arranging various skill and need based training for the students gives the students an exposure and also builds confidence in them. It is an effort to bridge the gap between the student and her/his dream. It augments the needs of students which they rarely get in their formal schooling. Under this program more than 5000+ students have been trained through 102 camps.

The Graduate Finishing School

The Graduate Finishing School (GFS) is Vidya Poshak’s answer for the problems faced by fresh graduates when entering the job market. GFS is a three month intensive residential program to give graduates from economically disadvantaged backgrounds the life skills, computer knowledge, career guidance, soft skills and English skills they need to successfully find meaningful employment. The trainer to student ratio is 1:8. The students are trained every day, ten hours a day, for three months. The training methodology is learner-centered and learner-led, with daily mentor-led activity sessions in groups of no more than eight. The program helps these students find placement with various companies, mainly in the service sector. So for more than 1500+ students have been trained and placed maintaining consistently 100% placement.

Centre for Development of Soft Skills(C-DOSS): C-DOSS, a training wing of Vidya Poshak established to cater the soft skills training requirements in this region. Since its inception C-DOSS has trained 60,000 students, 3466 Teachers and 3834 Employees from more than 300 institutes. CDOSS is a business as well as nonprofit module of Vidya Poshak. C-DOSS aims at providing quality training at affordable cost to the rural collages. C-DOSS conducts workshops for teachers, students, parents and employees.

Education Loan awareness and Advocacy Program: (ELaaP) In order to enable youth to acquire the technological and professional skills, Government of India has formulated a policy of providing Education Loan and Loan for Vocation Education and Training. These endeavors need propagation to the corners of the country in order to succeed. Vidya Poshak is proud to launch the Education Loan Awareness and Advocacy Program to enable this propagation. Vidya Poshak is conducting awareness campaigns in collaboration with banks and government officials to guide deserving students in getting education or vocational training loans. In 2012 Vidya Poshak created awareness among 5000+ students in getting education loans.

Finally, the spirit of Vidya Poshak’s philosophy of holistic empowerment is simply being there for the students. If the students need guidance, counseling or simply someone to call, Vidya Poshak team is eager to take up that role.

So far:
·         In all 3210 graduates have settled through gain full employment in their life and brought their families out the clutches of economic backwardness.

·         70,000 students and 4,866 teachers and 4,734 employees were trained through different training program.

·         More than 20,000 students have been assisted with 50,000 books.

·         More than 200 Million Indian rupees invested in last 12 years for Empowerment of Youth.

·         Vidya Poshak was the regional finalist for “Apeejay India Volunteer Award” in the category ‘volunteer involving NGO of the year 2011’.

·         Vidya Poshak was adjudged as “Technology for NGO” by Microsoft, USA and a video document on VP could be seen on MS website.

·         Declared as a Platinum Partner by Deshpande Foundation in the year 2009.

·         Vidya Poshak is honored by Kannada Sahitya Parishattu, Dharwad taluk in its First Sahitya Sammelana Dharwad.

Please contact Details: VENKATESH. N, for more details.
First Floor, Yashoda Sadana, Vidyagiri, Dharwad 580 004, Karnataka, India
Ph: +91-9845038017, E-mail:   Web:

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