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Vidya Poshak - Important Documents

Vidya Poshak - a brief Impact Report

1. Employment Status: Sl.No Particulars No.of students So far: 1 Students employed 936 2 Students employed through “Project Genesis” + Partner Organizations supported by VP 724 3 Total number of batches covered through Graduate Finishing School are 48 and Number of Employed through Vidya Poshak ‘s graduate finishing school 1550

Total 3210 Estimates – next 3 years 4 Students pursuing higher  studies (428)

Vidya Poshak an Overview

Vidya Poshak, India is a registered Non Government Organization (NGO), serving education community. The organization was started by a group of compassionate people in the year 2001 at Dharwad with the aim of supporting financially challenged bright students.
Though Vidya Poshak started with the aim of supporting the students financially, many other programs evolved during the journey. Some of the major projects are Nurture Merit, Graduate Finishing School, Centre for Development of Soft Skills and School Leadership Development Program.
Nurture Merit Program: This program includes Financial Assistance, Library/Book Bank facilities and Residential Bridge Camp. The mission is to provide financial assistance to meritorious students who cannot afford to continue their higher education owing to their financial difficulties. To date VP has invested Rs.12+ crores on this. The program entirely depends on private org/Co and individuals. Six hundred volunteers across 23 districts are rendering th…