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Vidya Poshak's 100th Residential Bridge Camp

Dear Well-wishers Greetings from Vidya Poshak.  Thank you so much for the support and time you've given to Vidya Poshak's Residential Bridge Camps  through the thick and thin .  We are, quite frankly, humbled by your dedication.  The benefits of your dedication & efforts are far-reaching indeed. We hope that your work here continues to bring you joy and a sense of satisfaction. We wouldn't exist without volunteers & donors like you, and we are honored to have you as part of our mission. Thank you for being an engine behind this unique experiment to create positive change.  We request you to continue to give us critical feedback so that we can learn and provide better service.  A small video about Residential Bridge Camp Support us :  

Vidya Poshak Inspirations - 1

Vidya Poshak Inspirations - 1 Neelam’s Story The little we do can sometimes have an impact that lasts a lifetime. V iew more profiles of students waiting for support : Click here to Support Even a small contribution of INR 1000 also would be helpful for a needy student. Vidya Poshak Impact Since Inception 5000 families from 19 districts of Karnataka are out of Poverty Permanently forever 12,500 students were supported and taken to the next level of literacy who otherwise would have discontinued their education after Class-10 5000+ girl students were supported to continue their education rather than marriage at early age. 1400 unemployed graduates from vernacular medium were trained and placed in service sector with an average salary of INR 9,000 per month  36 D